• Born in France and moved to Montreal, Canada at the beginning of the 90s.
  • Had multiple different professional experiences but her real passion is for cooking. She even had her own catering service at some point. Guess who will be enjoying excellent & creative meals during the journey?
  • Enjoys seating behind on the tandem admiring the sights, spotting berries or animals alongside the roads which I admit, I would miss if I would be alone. And yes, she also pushes a lot on the pedals so I really need her there as well!
  • Always interested in changes, at the age of 50, she was ready for another one. Got enthusiastic with the idea of leaving for a ride that could be longer than what we usually did.

In only few words, she is:

  • The Carer: she truly cares for people
  • The Cook: she does miracles with basic ingredients
  • The MacGiver (the older version though): she finds solutions for everything
  • The Positive Thinker: always there when needed
  • The Other Dreamer: she shares the same passion for cycling and travelling