Bought in 2003 and ride in Europe, North America and Asia, it was time to say goodbye at the end of the Summer 2019 after more than 15 years and thousands of kilometers and souvenirs. Because the frame is in aluminum and because it is not recommended when going on a world tour because of its fragility and also because it can be challenging to fix it should the frame break (not everywhere could we find an experienced aluminum welder), we have decided to buy a new one, more robust, made of steel. We will keep it in case something happens to the new one.

Our good old Cannondale… now retired.

The tandem named “Vagabonde

“To wander…” That is exactly what we want to do. The tandem could not be better named (that is the translation in English of “vagabonder”. It was not an easy process. I first contacted the shop where those bicycles are manufactured but since they are made to measure, it was not possible to test any before placing an order. As it is a considerable investment, we did not feel comfortable in ordering it without having had a chance to ride one. I also wanted to test the Rohloff speed hub before deciding whether or not that would be our preference in terms of transmission. I was finally able to find a couple who just came back from a world tour on a Vagabonde tandem equipped with a Rohloff as well. Sandrine and Florent happily agreed to meet and to allow us to ride their tandem. We learnt from their experience as they were amazingly open and welcoming. It was an influential experience which convinced us to order a similar bike. To get more details about their journey:

We also got in contact with Christophe & Pascale from As they were on the road, travelling somewhere in the world, we could not meet them to test their tandem but they were very generous and spontaneously shared loads of information with us. Somewhere in 2019, as they were travelling back in Europe for some weeks, we happened to host them and had the opportunity of learning even more details about their tour, their bicycle, their life on the road and more and more.

And finally, we ordered our own and got it at the beginning of 2020!

Patrice from Vagabonde Cycles ( was just great. From the order to the delivery. Always listening, understanding, taking the time and suggesting things we would not have thought of. Experience & knowledge transpire from him… He is absolutely someone to be trusted.

Some technical details:

  • Frame: S&S coupled Vagabonde #V584: Reynolds tubes
  • Wheels: DTswiss 545 – 28″ X 36 spokes DTswiss INOX
  • Tyres: Marathon Mondial EVO 700X35
  • Dynamo: front wheel SON28d with headlamp
  • Transmission: Rohloff Speedhub 14
  • Brakes: Deore handle – Disk breaks AVID BB7
  • Saddles: Brooks B17 Imperial carved for Nicolas and B17 Short for Sylvie
  • Stoker saddle stem: Cane Creek ST
  • Racks: Tubus + a made to measure adaptation for handlebar bag support
  • Handlebar bag: Ortlieb Ultimate Six Pro E
  • Stoker handlebar bag: Arkel BB Packer Waterproof
  • Rear panniers: Arkel Dolphin 48 Waterproof
  • Front panniers: Arkel Dolphin 32 Waterproof
  • Trunk bag: Ortlieb Rack pack 31L
  • Trailer: Bob Yak Ibex with suspension