Born in Quebec, Canada

Moved to Montreal to complete my studies and to start my professional life.

Met Sylvie in Montreal then lived and worked in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

Always enjoyed cycling and started serious bike touring after my last cigarette in 1994. My first multiple day-rides were in Canada. Just before I met Sylvie, I did my first ride in Europe, from Toulouse to Barcelona through the Pyrenean mountains and then to Marseille along the Mediterranean coast. Since then, I have never stopped cycling and I have been fortunate that Sylvie also developed a passion for cycling.

I turned 50 in 2018 and after few different events, I took the decision to leave my comfort zone to realize a dream that has been there forever. Catching the unique opportunity before it is too late.

My profile in few words:

  • The Route-planner: I can spend hours looking at a map and re-routing ourselves in different directions.
  • The Geek (still learning): I like learning and testing new stuff.
  • The Expert Packer: I can do miracles when it comes to packings lots of stuff in small spaces. Keeping the weight low is my issue.
  • The Long-distance Rider: I can provide efforts for extremely long hours and never get bored.
  • One of the 2 Dreamers: I am passionate about cycling and travelling around the world.