They Inspired Us

During the few bicycle trips we did, we always met a cyclist or two with whom we would exchange few words. Each time, it created some curiosity and hope that one day, we could do the same and leave for a longer trip. But the most impactful decision-making event where it became clear that we had to also consider leaving for a longer period is the we attended in November 2017. At the end of that evening, we went back home with our head full of stories, hopes and dreams. We became more serious in doing research and planning and we also had to overcome some fears and doubts.

Despite everything that has happened since that evening of November 2017, we have continued thinking about our project, planning everything and discussing over and over about what could be the plan. To help us along the way, we were inspired by:

  • : THE source of information I read every single article during the Christmas break (2017-18) just after having attended the Festival in Lausanne in November. Amaya was also kind enough to answer the few emails I sent her to get more details. She reassured me and encouraged me to take the risk and to go for it. (Dear Amaya, despite your encouragement, it took me 3 years to decide… thanks anyway!)
  • : a Danish guy who travelled the world solo who kept a day-by-day journal with very short texts but always entertaining and inspiring. Dear Thomas, your daily updates made me realized how simple it could be despite the various events one encounter on the road.
  • : The famous Iohan everybody knows. He made us smile but also realized we do not want to go to those extremes. But we really had fun watching his videos. He also inspired us to consider changing our attitude towards animals we will encounter alongside the road. Dear Iohan, thanks to you, we will welcome happily horses, cows, deers, dogs and bears when on the road and we will always remember you!! Rest in Peace.
  • We contacted Pascale & Christophe to inquire about their tandem. They also own a tandem from Vagabonde Cycles and we wanted to ride one before confirming our order. But as they were on the road somewhere in the world, we could not meet them at that time but since then, we have hosted them twice at our place in Switzerland and each time, it is always quite informative as they are very generous about their experience and share as many details as you need. Thanks to you both and looking forward to meet you on the road somewhere sometime.
  • #nomadmartin on Instagram : I was looking for a blog I could read to learn Spanish and learn about bike touring in South America at the same time. I could not imagine I would end up hosting Martin in Switzerland when he was on his way back to Spain in 2021.We spent 4 days together and he shared thoughts, did some motivation talk with me (to remove my last fears), inspired me through his motivation and grit. And not to forget his WONDERFUL pictures posted on Instagram. A TRULY nice person. Thanks Martin!
  • The list could be longer but I just wanted to list people we have been directly in contact with.

And now, people we met on the road:

It took us more than 3 months to meet another bike tourer and and Munir Zarean is the first one we met on the road in Tribune, Kansas. Munir just graduated from college and was on an eastward TransAm route journey prior to starting his professional life. Find more details about him here: