Camping gear

Ultralight is the master word. Even though every gram counts, when considering leaving for a long period and willing some kind of comfort along the way, there are few things we did not want to compromise with. Let’s see how much we will continue carrying after some kilometers. But on Day-1, here is the list:


  • Vaude Hogan SUL XT for 2-3 persons: light weight, spacious and large vestibule, mandatory when the weather is not on our side.


  • Mattresses: EXPED SynMat DuoM because we like sleeping together and share the same bed… all night long and not only at the beginning of the night. Often, with 2 individual mattresses, we got separated as the night goes on and moved, turned and ended up having a gap in-between us.
  • Sleeping bags: EXPED TrekkingLite, comfortable down to -10°C for Sylvie and -5°C for me… but would resist to lower temperatures.
  • Liners: SeaToSummit Adaptor Coolmax but we still need to figure out the best way to tie them together.
  • Pillows: Mammut Ergonomic Pillow CFT – a must for Sylvie who requires a little more comfort.

Cooking & Eating

  • Stove: Optimus Polaris optifuel (we had Primus on the picture but changed it for Optimus recently)
  • Pots: MSR Titan 2 pot set + MSR Alpine Fry Pan
  • Dishes: Nordisk Titanium plate
  • Cups: CAO Alu hiking cup
  • Utensiles: SeaToSummit Titanium serie and a Swiss knife!!
  • Sink: SeaToSummit Kitchen Sink
  • Cheese grater: essential for pasta
  • Can opener
  • Water filters: Katadyne Camp 6L & Steripen Ultra (not in picture)


To be or not to be comfortable… that is the question. Is it worth bringing an additional 4 kg to avoid having to sit on the ground all the time or to prepare our meals always on our knees and bended down or do we want to sit comfortably on chairs, put our cups on a table and even take a nap in a hammock? No easy answer to this question and only time will tell whether we will keep everything or not.

  • Table and chairs from Helinox
  • Hammocks and related add ons by SeaToSummit